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Tuesday, Sep 24th, 2013
3 Student Travel Scholarships for our Short Course: We are happy to announce three student travel scholarships for up to $500 for our upcoming short course on the convergence of the sciences in ... [read more]

Monday, Sep 16th, 2013
Announcing a Free Short Course: Convergence of the Sciences in Biology and Medicine (Oct. 22, 2013): We are pleased to announce the 2013 USC PS-OC short course. This year, our topic is the convergence of the sciences in biomedicine, where ... [read more]

3-D model of tumor-induced angiogenesis in a mouse lymph node with B-cell lymphoma. Image from the 
 Frieboes lab (U. of Louisville) and 
 Cristini lab (U. of 
 New Mexico).

From the USC PSOC: 3-D model of tumor-induced angiogenesis in a mouse lymph node with B-cell lymphoma. Image from the Frieboes lab (U. of Louisville) and Cristini lab (U. of New Mexico). [Read more ...]

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Education and Outreach

Education and Training Unit (ETU)

Director: Paul Macklin [Contact]

It is our great responsibility and opportunity to help train the next generation of interdisciplinary cancer scientists in applying the physical sciences to oncology. We recruit undergraduate, graduate, and postdoctoral students from biology, engineering, mathematics, and computing for hands-on training in physical oncology, involving computational oncology, novel measurement methods, and cutting-edge integrative approaches to wetlab biology. We supplement this cross-disciplinary training in a variety of ways, including:

A Cross-PSOC educational spinoff

In a joint initiative of the USC PSOC and the Scripps Research Institute PSOC, Dr. Macklin and Dr. Paul Newton co-founded the Consortium for Integrative Computational Oncology (CICO): a growing coalition of scientists and clinicians dedicated to advancing clinically-oriented computational oncology. As part of this work, we train mathematics and engineering students in applying computational modeling to cancer, with a focus on clinical data and a push towards translation. While CICO is currently in its formative stages, it has already enjoyed some successes in jointly training students and developing new computational tools that will help make simulations accessible to non-engineering students and faculty.

Want to get involved?

Students wishing to get involved in multidisciplinary cancer research are encouraged to contact Paul Macklin, who can assist in matching students to appropriate faculty at USC and our partners. Students should also attend upcoming events. Students should also consider following our @USC_PSOC Twiter feed. Examples of undergraduate and graduate student involvement can be found at the Macklin lab and at CICO.

We are also seeking faculty who are interested in cross-training students. If you have space in your lab or are interested in co-mentoring a cross-disciplinary student, please contact Paul Macklin.

Outreach and Dissemination Unit (ODU)

Director: Parag Mallick [Contact]

A key of objective of the USC PSOC is the "diffusion of innovations and ideas" to the broader public as well as to the clinical and research communities. In addition to helping inform the broader community about the importance of physical sciences approaches in the study of oncology, these efforts also help bring novel ideas into the PSOC. We also offer: