Active Listening

Collect Feedback at Every Stage of the Customer Journey

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Create unique surveys that delight respondents

Invite the right audience, at the right time, in the right channel

Solicit more actionable feedback with AI-powered conversations

Ingest feedback from video, image, reviews, call scripts, complaints, and more

Enrich with behavioral data for a complete view of the experience

Let InMoment revolutionise your feedback collection to actively listen to your customers in real time, and combine that feedback with behavioral and contextual data to help you generate the most impactful, actionable insights.

Omnichannel Feedback

Hear From Every Customer, from Every Segment

Everyone is different and communicates through their preferred channels in unique ways. Engage a broader segment of users on their terms—from surveys, email, to SMS, to website, call center and everything in between.

Survey Builder

Create Surveys Customers Want to Respond to

Make your own surveys or pick a pre-built ADA-compliant template that allows you to determine branding, question types, logic, design, and more all from one intuitive interface. If you need help, we’ve got experts on call to lend a hand!

Engagement Engine

Have Conversations, Not Interrogations

InMoment’s patented, AI-Powered Engagement Engine™ encourages rich conversations by intelligently listening and responding to customers in real time, eliciting not only more, but more valuable responses.

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Rapid Resolution Engine

Solve Customer Inquiries in the Moment

Use artificial intelligence to determine the appropriate customer resolution instantly, by routing customers to the correct answers, links, and knowledge base articles to resolve their concerns in real-time—reducing call center volume and failure demand.

Intelligent Listening

Integrate and Automate Invitations

Trigger your surveys from your organisations existing systems like Salesforce, Zendesk, Marketo, Hubspot, Microsoft Dynamics, Adobe and more.

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Frictionless Listening at Every Digital Touchpoint

Learn how to improve product onboarding, enhance experience, support customer interactions, and strengthen relationships with intelligent Microsurveys that capture key drivers of NPS, CSAT, and CES at meaningful digital touchpoints.

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Eligibility Engine

Less Fatigue, More Feedback

Ensure that the right customer receives the right survey at the right time without over-soliciting. Configure a set of fatigue rules to ensure the criteria matches your specific business needs.

Since using InMoment…we’ve been able to [triple] our Net Promoter Score. It’s so much easier when you have all of the feedback come into one place. You can look at the snapshot view. You can filter. You can triage. InMoment is on the cutting edge, and that helps Hootsuite move forward.”

Customer Insights Manager, Hootsuite

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Review Trackers

Expand Your View with Social Reviews

Generate, respond to, and amplify reviews to better understand customers, build trust, and uncover key insights. Embed online review sites and stories alongside your experience data to gain the full spectrum of the customers’ voice.

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Video Upload
Multimedia Feedback

How You Listen Matters

Hearing your customers’ stories and seeing facial expressions and body language adds a depth of understanding and emotion that supplements traditional text feedback and review.

Operational and Behavioral Data

Go Beyond the Voice of Customer

It’s not just what customers say, it’s also what they do that provides a signal. Capture behavioral and contextual data from your operational systems, ticketing systems, and other integrations to get a holistic view of the customer experience.

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