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Smarter Decisions With Smart Text Analytics


Structured feedback and scores can be great indicators for performance, but the game-changing insights are those hidden in your unstructured feedback. Many brands still spend hours upon hours analyzing them word by word when they should be using that time to make smarter decisions and ultimately drive change. Let InMoment’s AI do the heavy lifting on the text analysis, so you can spend time lifting your results.

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Connect data from any source, in any format

Understand the experience journey in minutes

Uncover new trends and themes with AI-driven insights

Inspire action with personalized dashboards & reports

Measure the impact of your initiatives on the bottom line

Since switching from a rules-based model to InMoment’s Adaptive Sentiment Engine, we’ve seen a significant uptick in sentiment tagging accuracy.”

-Tyler Saxey, Director of Customer Experience, Footlocker

Connect All Your Feedback Across Channels

When feedback is analyzed in silos, you miss critical context that can make or break your business. Connect data from surveys, social reviews, and call scripts all the way to legislation, regulation, and market reports.

quick start

Out-of-the-box Insights

We’ve found the perfect balance of speed and accuracy for out-of-the-box insights. With pre-configured industry, use-case, and native language packs. We’ve got a pack for you. These models automatically detect thousands of categories, themes, and entities, so you have immediate insights into what matters most.

Self service

Take Control Over Your Text Analytics

Create your own tags to deep dive into your unstructured data and take immediate action on your findings—such as sharing comments with others, marking feedback complete or invalid, and creating actionable segments to close the loop at scale.

power of ai

Know What You Don’t Know

Our text analytics uses AI-driven discovery that uses machine learning to get smarter and more accurate over time, boosting your ability to correctly determine new topics, terms, competitors, products, and phrases as they enter the customer vocabulary—so you never miss a trend.

Active Listening

Intelligent Conversations for More Valuable Responses

Without encouragement, qualitative feedback can be incomplete. Active Listening™ is the only conversational bot that uses real-time text analytics to listen, understand, and respond—eliciting more valuable responses with more actionable data points.

personalized dashboards

Get the Data That Matters, to the People Who Care

Bring the story to life with drillable charts and graphs in dashboards. You can even share your findings with exports to Microsoft PowerPoint, Google Sheets, or export the data in .csv or .json into your company’s business intelligence tools.

act immediately

Automate Action at Scale

Close the loop with individual customers, or create segments for automated actions at scale. Whether sending recovery emails to “frustrated” customers, or giving kudos to employees—you can take the right action at the right time.

Guarantee Business Results

Detect the intent and predict the action. Automatically identify the intention behind your feedback. Depending on the specific industry pack or models applied, we’ll tell you who is looking to Buy, Quit, Recommend, Discourage, and more.

data security

Keep Data Safe at Your Place, or Ours

Keep your data safe but don’t compromise your insights. We’ve made it simple to deploy our text analytics across any combination of on-premise, private cloud, hybrid cloud, and public cloud infrastructure.

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