InMoment AI

XI, Meet AI

Exceed customer, employee, and market expectations by combining experience intelligence (XI) and artificial intelligence (AI) to automatically identify and act on the highest impact experiences—making your people more productive, your customers more loyal, and your business more profitable.

Human Intelligence + Artificial Intelligence = Experience Improvement

Differentiated AI for Experience Improvement

InMoment AI is a layer of intelligence within the XI Platform that brings powerful natural language processing and machine learning to your teams and your customers, everywhere an experience occurs.

From real-time automated insights discovery to individual customer recovery, our unique, sophisticated AI-powered applications combined with our expert guidance help your business grow by better understanding your teams, current customers, and future customers.

It’s not AI or Humans. It’s AI for Humans.

How InMoment AI Brings Experience Programs to Life

Smarter Data

  • Automatic data-type detection, data validation, anomaly detection, data imputation, and data summarization to get to actionable insights faster
  • Analyze all data types, from social reviews to call notes, market reports to contracts and legislation to eliminate business blind spots and identify common themes
  • Customized “Industry packs” encapsulate in-depth industry knowledge to streamline and automate review of unstructured data

Intelligent Conversations

  • Understand the deeper sentiment, emotion, and intent behind feedback data
  • Improve feedback quality with human-like conversation for actionable details without interrogation
  • Automatically route customers to humans for experience intervention to encourage loyalty and prevent churn

Explore more about InMoment’s industry leading text analytics

Behavior Prediction

  • Unstructured data becomes a predictive signal
  • Predict experience scores such as NPS, CSAT, CES
  • Predict outcomes tied to business metrics (churn, LTV, loyalty, purchase, revenue)

Automated Action

  • Recommend the next best action based on past experiences
  • Create actionable customer segments and clusters based on recommended actions
  • Integrate with marketing, CRM, and other systems for automated processes and workflows

More than 80% of all experience data is unstructured, and all unstructured data is complex. AI is essential to understanding this data at scale, in multiple languages across a variety of forms (short, long) for tomorrow’s pace of business.

Artificial intelligence

InMoment AI Solutions Available Today

Brand Monitoring

Gain A Competitive Advantage

Proactively analyze synthesized data from surveys, reviews, and social media data to gain intelligence about customers on an ongoing basis. Create lists of custom topics, follow trending topics as they evolve, and compare sentiment scores across multiple organization-specific metrics

Regulatory Compliance

Lower Costs and Risks

Combine semi-structured data parsing, natural language processing, and machine learning to improve existing compliance processes. Scale compliance teams more easily, resulting in lower costs and reduced risk across the organization

Churn Reduction

Retain Valued Customers

Bring together and connect the unstructured data in solicited feedback, social media communication, call center transcripts, chat and service requests, and other touchpoints, analyze it with a combination of machine learning and industry knowledge-based models to determine the drivers of churn.

Product Development & Optimization

Pinpoint Product Opportunities and Risks

Analyze the pooled feedback sources from product support logs, social product feedback, customer survey content, and competitor product reviews to identify commonly requested feature requests, rarely mentioned features/capabilities, and common or recurring product quality issues.

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