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Enterprise Architecture

Data doesn’t exist in a single format or come from a single source. Experience data lives in every part of your business, which is why the Experience Intelligence™ (XI) Platform was built on a flexible, scalable, and modern cloud architecture that enables everyone from frontline employees to CEOs to access the intelligence needed to do their jobs effectively and make decisions that improve business outcomes.

From mom-and-pop shops to global behemoths, we’ve seen it all. Whether you have one feedback channel or 300 disparate data sources, conduct business in five languages or 40, InMoment is the only experience improvement partner with a consistent and seamless record of handling large-scale and complex programs with ease. Performance, stability, extensibility, and security: the XI Platform was built to match the scale of your ambitions. That’s why the world’s leading brands trust InMoment.

Cloud Native

Traditional data warehouses weren’t built to scale. With a finite number of servers, if there’s a massive load on the system, there’s virtually nothing that can be done to increase bandwidth or performance. With the XI Platform’s modern, cloud-based architecture, if bandwidth gets stretched, new virtual servers are deployed on the fly, immediately adding to our processing power and ensuring speed and stability.

Supporting Global Enterprises

All Data Welcome Here

Experience data becomes exponentially more valuable when paired with financial, operational, and contextual business metrics. However, when it comes to ingesting data, other providers face a hard truth: they have to make all data look like survey data. We built the XI platform to ensure that data remains in its native format, retaining its true meaning for accurate analysis.

Data With Integrity

When experience data is used to inform multimillion-dollar business decisions, you need to have confidence in its findings. That’s why we’re constantly enhancing our portfolio of data integrity tools. Sample Assurance leverages years of research and predictive models to ensure your data represents the diverse populations you serve. Additionally, the one-of-a-kind XI Workflow paired with our powerful Tamper Detection Suite automatically validates, cleans, structures, and enriches data into instantly usable insights that you can trust. With InMoment, you’ll always feel confident using experience data to drive business decisions.

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Security That Leaves Nothing to Chance

When you’re handling millions of pieces of customer and employee data, security matters. The XI Platform is built on the most secure cloud computing environment available—protecting information, identities, applications, and devices. We maintain and adhere to more than 20 of the most stringent security policies—based on the ISO 27001 framework—to protect sensitive client information. Plus, with customizable security policies related to passwords and logins, your data is always safe.

ISO 27001
Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act Compliant

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